My Cancer Journey - Weeks 30, 31 and 32

It’s been a few weeks since my last update.  Why?  Changes are more subtle.  All are positive.  I am feeling stronger by the day.  Food intake is up.  There are many days when I don’t require one of Terrie’s calorie cocktails and when I do, it’s often because I’ve eaten too much salad and not enough fat.  It’s hard to keep the calorie intake up around the 3000 mark.  The interesting thing is that while I have gained a few pounds, it isn’t much.  The calories are being absorbed by the ongoing  fight.  I have to keep feeding the radiation and chemo as they continue to work.  My next appointment with the oncologist isn’t until end of November.  I will have many questions.

Still have tenderness in my neck but not as much.  Same with my lower jaw.  My leg still cramps but not as quickly.  The other day I actually sprinted across a street and up a flight of stairs.  Sure was awkward.  Made me realize I haven’t had a run since who knows when.  At least six or seven months ago.  You almost forget how.

Recently I got a note from a friend, Lyle Bauer.  He is a survivor of the same cancer.  He wrote in response to my thoughts on “team” and how I don’t know how anyone beats the big C without a team of family and friends for support and care.  Lyle’s words.   “Your life has changed and now there will be many who look to you as the “warrior” for counsel and advice.  This is a team not of our choosing.  It however just might be the greatest team of our lives.  Never alone!”

Lyle caused me to think that we are all warriors.  Each one of us has life experience to share with others.  We have all gone to war in one way or another.  As survivors of those wars we are all stronger.  When you have the opportunity to mentor someone with your unique viewpoint, please take it.  I know I will be offering my services as a volunteer through the cancer clinic.  I don’t know what role I might play but I do know that one day I will endeavour to help someone else through their cancer journey, just as Lyle and another friend Mac helped me through mine.

We are all warriors and never alone.