Conversations with Jonathan (51 - 60)

I began to publish Conversations with Jonathan on Facebook, toward the end of his pre-school experience. J's a talker, a bit of a smart-ass and always has that sparkle in his eye! On most days, I pick him up from school and we have a chat on the ride to Baba's. She lives on a mountain you know. He calls it Baba's mountain.

Over the summer, we look after him daily. He never stops asking questions and happily offers analysis of various things in his life. He certainly is entertaining.

Here then is part six of Conversations with Jonathan.

March 10

J: The tooth fairy came and gave me a hundred dollars.
Me: You're telling big stories aren’t you.
J: Deda, It was a good tooth.
Me: What if I ask your mommy how much the tooth fairy gave you?
J: You don’t t have to.
Me: Why?
J: Deda, because I already told you.
Me: Can I have a loan?

March 14

I'm in Vancouver and he called long distance.
J: Guess what Deda? I went to Energy Plex today for day camp and guess what Deda, no parents! (Energy Plex is a big fun facility in Kelowna)
Me: sounds great J, did you have fun?
J: Yes, we played waser tag. We had to go into a big room and shoot people with wasers.
Me: Sounds like fun, did you win?
J: We shoot dem and the waser turns off their suit.
Me: So you had a really good time.
J: Wasers don't kill people Deda, they just turn off der suits.
Me: So what else did you do?
J: See you tomorrow Deda. You come to my house.

March 18

J: Deda, it's time for breakfast. Look at the clock.
Me: It's not even 8 o'clock yet.
J: But the clock doesn't have breakfast, I do.
Me: What would you like.
J: Toast and peanut butter..but not on raisin toast. I don't like raisin toast.
Me: So what kind do you like.
J: Deda, I brought my own. What's for lunch?
Me: I don't know yet.
J: Yesterday I had a hotdog and fries. Do you like hotdogs and fries Deda?
Me: Are you ready for toast?
J: With peanut butter.

March 17

J: Deda, I know how to use all the flickers in my house. Did you know that?
Me: What do you do with them?
J: I turn on all the TV’s anytime I like.
Me: And then what?
J: I watch a show. You know, like Caillou.
Me: Caillou? Isn’t that the whiny bald kid?
J: But they don’t make versions with Caillou crying.
Me: I think you watch that show just to bug your mother.
J: Sometimes I do.

March 18

Finishes breakfast.
J: Deda, I’m all done my toast and peanut butter.
Me: That’s good J. Do you want anything else?
J: Maybe, no. How about a popsicle?
(opens freezer and helps himself)
Me: Really J, a popsicle for breakfast?
J: Yeah Deda, there’s only one left. Me and you have to go to the store later in the Mustang.
Me: Why?
J: To buy me more popsicles! You can have one if you want cuz I’m the boss of the popsicles.
Me: That’s nice J. Do you want me to put the top down?
J: Of course Deda, it's the Mustang.

March 23

J: When you fix the Cougar This summer, I think it needs a tune down.
Me: What's that?
J: You know, when they fix it, a tune down makes it go faster. Would you like that?
Me: It goes fast enough J.
J: Can we take it to the restaurant and get food on a tray?
Me: Maybe, it depends on whether there's a restaurant that does that anymore.
J: Well Baba said. Deda, do you want flames on the Cougar?
Me: No J, the Cougar wouldn't look good with flames.
J: But Deda, race cars have flames.

March 25

Checking out our backyard.
J: Do you want to move Baba’s gardens over there?
Me: Why?
J: Deda that’s where my treehouse goes.
Me: But J, we don’t have a tree so how can we build a treehouse?
J: You could just buy one.
Me: But it wouldn’t be big enough.
J: Well we could build something Deda, like a workshop with tools for me to work, or a sandbox.
Me: What kind of work do you want to do?
J: I’m going to have some gum like I always do. Look, I’m wearing my Vans and my chicken shirt.

March 26

J: Deda, I’m giving up hash browns.
Me: Why?
J: My teacher said we have to give up something for Lent so I’m giving up hash browns. (takes a bite)
Me: But you’re eating a hash brown right now.
J: It’s my last one. And Deda, if I give up hash browns long enough, will I get a toy?
Me: You’ll have to talk to your Mom about that.
J: Deda, can you measure me? Am I taller?

March 27

J: Deda, do you know what my tooth fairy name is?
Me: No J, what is it?
J: Jeffrey. I named my tooth fairy Jeffrey.
Me: How come?
J: I like that name and he brings me toys and money. See, I lost another tooth.
Me: So what did you do with the money?
J: I put it in my piggy bank.
Me: Can you give me a loan, maybe a hundred bucks?
J: No!
Me: Well how much do you have?
J: 59 bucks. (turns to his Dad) Do I have 59 bucks Daddy?
Dad: You might have 20 bucks.
Me: You’ll have to lose more teeth and then you can loan me a hundred.
J: Oh Deda, you so funny!

March 27

J: Deda, do we have bum boobs?
Me: What on earth is that J?
J: (points to his butt) Are these called bum boobs?
Me: No, I think those are butt cheeks.
J: Oh! Put it on Facebook Deda and send it to Uncle Arden. I have boobs on my butt. Hahaha…..