Conversations with Jonathan (71 - 80)

I began to publish Conversations with Jonathan on Facebook, toward the end of his pre-school experience. J's a talker, a bit of a smart-ass and always has that sparkle in his eye! On most days, I pick him up from school and we have a chat on the ride to Baba's. She lives on a mountain you know. He calls it Baba's mountain.

In the summer, we're out in the convertible running errands, playing sports, going to golf lessons and more. He never stops asking questions and happily offers analysis of various things in his life. He certainly is entertaining.

Here then is part eight of Conversations with Jonathan.

April 24

J: Deda, how old is my Daddy?
Me: I think he’s as old as dirt.
J: Old as dirt? How old is that?
Me: Pretty old J.
J: Is he in his 50’s?
Me: I think he’d be pretty upset if he heard you say that.
J: Is he in his 40’s?
Me: Yes J, he’s in his early 40’s.
J: Is that like 41 or 40 a hundred?
Me: 41 J.
J: Deda, I’m in my 6’s you know.

April 26

J: Deda, can I try on my Uncle Jon’s helmet?
Me: Why do you want to do that?
J: Because my Uncle Jon told me to try it on. He said it might fit me.
Me: Ok J, do you want to hold one of his sticks too?
J: Can I hold that one? The big one?
Me: You sure can.

Jonathan wearing #17's Limestone Saints helmet and carrying a never been used Etienne Martin authentic wooden stick. It dates to the early 90's when wood sticks were the norm in box lacrosse.

April 29

Me: So Jonathan, did you have fun at lacrosse practise?
J: I sure did. I was the goalie.
Me: You’re kidding! You played goal?
J: I put on all the equipment and I had a big stick.
Me: Did the other players shoot the ball at you?
J: They all missed, even the older boy. I’m a good goalie.
Me: So you had fun?
J: I looked like a Stormtrooper. It was just like Star Wars.
(The moral to this story is that nothing else matters if you look like a Stormtrooper)

May 4

Me: Did you sleep in your lacrosse jersey?
J: I did.
Me: Did you wear it to school too?
J: I did.
Me: How come?
J: I’m a Kelowna Kodiak and I got Uncle Jon’s number. See, 17.
Me: I’m happy that you’re happy.
J: And look, I got a stop sign too?
Me: What does that mean?
J: Don’t hit people in the back.
Me: Very good J. Always remember that.
J: Deda, if you do goofy stuff, do you go to jail?

May 15

Conversations with Jonathan at the grocery store
J: Deda, will you buy me treats?
Me: No, Baba has treats for you.
J: But she only has one. I only have popscicles.
Me: Well then, you have treats.
J: But I need cookies. Can you buy me Star Wars cookies?
Me: No.
J: How about these bars?
Me. Jonathan, I said no treats.
J: But these aren’t treats. These are lunch.
Me: So you’ll have to talk to your Mom. She’s the boss of your treats.
J: But she always says no too, only Baba let’s me have treats. What about gum? Can you buy me grape gum?
Me: No.
J: What about soup? I eat all my soup.

May 21

J: Deda, is someone going to sing before my lacrosse game today?
Me: No J.
J: Does that only happen in hockey games?
Me: Well J, sorry to have to tell you this but someone only sings before games at the professional or elite level of sports.
J: You mean like on TV?
Me: Yes J, like on TV. But, you could sing in the car.
J: Deda, you so funny.

May 27

J: Deda, you know what? I want a band at my next birthday.
Me: A band? Really?
J: Yes I want music.
Me: What band do you want?
J: The Beach Boys, I like the Beach Boys.
Me: Well that won’t happen. Hate to disappoint you but they don’t play at little boys birthday parties.
J: Why? Are they old?
Me: Yes, they’re getting old.
J: Are they in their 60’s?
Me: All their best songs were in the 60’s.
J: Why?

June 12

Jonathan and his parents are dog sitting a Pug named Hugo.
J: Deda, guess what?
Me: What J? Tell me what’s going on.
J: I was playing with Hugo and his pink crayon came out.
Me: Really! Well J, I don’t think we all need to know about it, but thanks for sharing.
J: Where’s Baba? I’m hungry.

June 27

J: Deda, can I tell you something?
Me: Sure J, what’s up?
J: You know Mt. Boucherie used to be a volcano?
Me: Who told you that?
J: My mommy and it erupted a long, long time ago.
Me: Like a really long time ago back in pre-historic times?
J: Yes Deda, pre-historic, you know when you were born.
Me: That’s really nice J.

July 5

J: I’m a rain golfer. I like the rain. That’s how my muscles get big.
Me: Not me buddy, it’s too cold and too wet.
J: You could wear a hat.
Me: But then my hat gets wet and I don’t like it. Besides, it’s cold this morning.
J: You could wear a sweater and then you won’t be cold.
Me: I’m what’s called a fair weather golfer J, I only play when the weather is nice.
J: I watched the forecast and the newsman said it’s going to be sunny. Can I have a cookie?
Me: Sure J because golfing should always be fun.