Ted Farr Media

Ted Farr Media is a content marketing and public relations company, providing leadership, vision and productivity to business owners.

Ted Farr has a flair for social media, writing, content marketing, research, branding, product design, advertising, promotions and customer relations. He is a wordsmith, broadcaster, conversationalist and speaker.

In addition, Ted has an extensive record of success in Canadian Radio across Western Canada.

Your customers know when you’re not paying attention

A social media strategy is no longer optional for businesses. The first impression you have on your current and potential customer is now website and social media platforms. Fail to meet and exceed customer expectation, and failure is immediate. They won't give you a chance. 

Here are some facts of digital life to consider as you contemplate all aspects of website and social media engagement.
  • 78% of Marketing Managers now believe that custom content is the future of marketing
  • Social media marketing budgets will double in the next five years
  • Nearly 50% of all companies have content marketing strategies
  • Videos on landing pages increase engagement
  • 71% of online adults are now Facebook users
  • 45% of internet users age 65 and over now use Facebook
  • The user base for YouTube continues to explode
  • Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have immediate and favourable recognition among social media users
  • Social Media is timely, responsive, and interactive
  • Social media success is earned not purchased
  • Social Media drives website success
  • Social Media is free but the consistent and engaging use of social media requires a commitment and a budget

Social Media is a two-way conversation

Businesses must learn to publish information that is important to current and potential customers. This is not conventional advertising. The information must be consistent but not repetitive and boring. Stories must be told in creative and engaging ways. Content must be what others want to receive and share. Put simply, content on digital platforms must always be valuable to the recipient.

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Ted is available for further conversation about your website content and social media requirements for your business.

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