Ted Farr to Speak at Shell Busey's HouseSmart Home Referral Network Annual Meeting

Doesn't happen often.  Most of the public speaking I've done over my career has been at company meetings, company sponsored events or to broadcast students.  So when Shell Busey's people called, yes he has people, I had to first check with my people.  Here's the way the conversation went.
  • Me, "Would I be in Vancouver on the day of Shell's meeting?"
  • Me, "Check."
  • Me, "Do I know anything about the topic, branding?"
  • Me, "Yes I do.  Check."
  • Me, "Would I like to spend a morning with Shell and his team to get an inside view of Shell's business?"
  • Me, "Check."

I've used Shell Busey's HouseSmart Home Services Referral Network and was happy for his endorsement.  I'm a fan!  Needed a plumber to recommend and install new water-saver toilets.  Also decided to upgrade to a more energy efficient furnace and hot water tank in the home we bought in the Okanagan Valley.  It took the worry out of hiring someone.  The advice of a trusted person is important and I've learned to trust Shell over the years.  Significantly, Shell's people followed up asking what I thought of the companies doing the work.

I first met Shell soon after beginning to program News Talk Radio in the early 90's.  The research suggested that a weekend show aimed at the do-it-yourselfer would be a smart and profitable addition.  Shell was already an accomplished host and recognized spokesman for various clients in the home improvement category.  Wasn't hard to bring his show into Manitoba, Alberta and then Saskatchewan.  The audience loved him and more importantly, so did the advertisers.  His ability to market himself through appearances at trade shows, appearances on other radio shows and in other media solidified his brand.  Whether it's his radio show, TV show, newspaper column, one of his books or his website, they all speak to the Shell Busey brand...quality advice and choices.   Those are my words not his.  Shell's followers can instantly recall two phrases, "good, better, best" and "it's just that easy".  Shell-isms!  Always positive, always with a ready explanation.  Ask Shell a question and he will take the time to answer personally.  His people don't do it for him.  He won't leave the radio studio until every question from every caller has been answered, often long after the show ends.  When he becomes the spokesman for a product or service such as BC Hydro, Bath Fitter, Windsor Plywood, he believes in what they do and knows their business because his word is paramount.  What you hear, see and read is what you get.  Shell Busey is afterall, Shell Busey.  He carefully cultivated the brand and works diligently to make sure there is nothing but "top drawer" value in what he says and does.

And his people asked me to speak about branding.