My Cancer Journey - Week 3

It's been a rough week, but the doctor says nothing to be concerned about. Abscess on one of the extracted tooth sockets to start the week. The antibiotic they prescribed upset an already nauseated stomach.  I fight nausea daily.  More and more difficult to ingest enough calories.  I've lost 5-6 pounds.  Now back to my original weight of 203. Tongue is inflamed and sores have appeared.  Throat is changing and saliva is becoming like glue.  Still able to swallow though. Have now discovered the joy of meal replacement in a bottle. I like the chocolate one mixed with chocolate milk. Have developed ringing in my ears and one of my legs has gone weird. Feels like a shin splint.  Both are likely side effects of the chemo. Need a nap in the afternoons now. Next week, I'm back in the hospital for chemo.  Hopefully we can do better with the nausea. This is definitely a full time job.  I have new regimes to follow for oral and dental health.

It's the end of week three. 21 radiation treatments and 2 rounds of chemo to go. We continue to talk with
everyone in the waiting rooms. The nursing and technical staff have been outstanding.