My Cancer Journey - Week 2

The end of week two. Here is the statistical story:
  • 1 hospital stay for chemo
  • 8 days of battling the nausea 
  • 9 radiation treatments
  • 3 teeth extracted
  • 1 burning desire to get this done
  • 5 weeks and 26 more treatments to go
Overall I am feeling ok. The nausea was a bitch. We seem to have it controlled finally which means I am eating again, not just forced nibbling. I can tell that there are changes coming rapidly to my throat. 
While there isn't any soreness yet, it is not far off. Today we meet with the radiation doctor and the nutritionist. We are working toward the 17th when I re-enter hospital for round two of chemo.
Thanks for your notes and phone calls. I appreciate every word, every thought.