My Cancer Journey - Week 6

The end of the treatment regime is in sight. 8 more radiation sessions and one more hospital visit for chemo
The seven week program became eight weeks when we learned that cancer takes the Easter long weekend off.  So beginning tomorrow morning, the schedule of appointments is packed as we go from blood tests, to doctors, to the hospital stay and then back and forth to the clinic until the last zap has done its thing. They are now concentrating the radiation on the primary and secondary on my tongue and lymph node. The general radiation of the entire neck is over. Nausea continues to be a daily battle and I have no appetite for regular food other than the occasional cup of soup. I am surviving on Terries cocktails. She juices them up so that I am getting about 1600 calories a day.

Two more weeks and then I am told another two weeks for the accumulation of radiation and chemo to reach its peak. After that, I should see signs of healing and a journey to what will be my new normal.

Until next week.