My Cancer Journey - Week 7

We have reached a significant point in my treatment program. Perhaps more than I can appreciate. I am back home today having completed the third and final chemo. What was scheduled to be an overnight hospital stay turned into two nights. Seems I was dehydrated and didn't realize it. Water intake is very important and I had fallen into sipping rather than drinking. I am now back to drinking. Water that is.

What has been amazing is how many of the nurses I have dealt with and the radiation techs have told me that many of their patients have given up by now. Some go so far as to quit treatments altogether because it is too tough. Others miss appointments causing the final chemo to be cancelled. Attitude is so vital to the regime and the recovery. They told us about the grumpy and bitter patients who nearly always don't do so well versus those who do everything they can to make it happen.

So, here are the specifics they congratulated me about:
  • Pushing through the side effects and the surgery to get this far
  • Great attitude
  • Minimizing weight loss therefore no feeding tube required (Terrie's doing)
  • Care and attention to skin and mouth
  • Continuing to look good with skin colour, sense of humour etc
It's a process of saying to yourself that your best is not enough, you must do what's required. I forget that some days. Thank goodness for Terrie who nags me just enough and encourages me daily. There's nothing like your partner in your corner.

Treatments officially end next Thursday. 4 more radiations. We meet with the radiation oncologist on Monday to ask more questions. My friends who are survivors of this treatment for the same cancer say that two weeks after the final treatment was as tough or even tougher than anything through the program. The radiation and chemo mix continue working together even after treatment has stopped.

Until next week. Thanks for your support.