My Cancer Journey - Week 11

I am being cautiously optimistic about a breakthrough moment in my recovery.  There seems to be a decided change in the mucous clogging my mouth and throat.  I am not having to spit so much and am actually able to talk.  Far from perfect but far better than anything over recent weeks.  I even chewed and swallowed some actual food.  It was a few pieces of pear, and I tasted a bite of Terrie’s homemade chilli.  Now, this isn’t a multi course gourmet meal, but it’s a start.  The throat still has a soreness to it when I swallow and it’s easy to get something going down the wrong way.  I have to be careful.  My neck has tender spots as the radiation continues to work.  I still get light-headed from time to time and continue to be weak.  The good news is that I actually now want to get in motion, walking to the mailbox and driving Terrie to shopping.  This week I pushed the buggy around the grocery store and made it without my leg hurting, also a good sign.  What this means is uninterrupted sleep.  For the first time in what seems like a half a lifetime, I did not jump out of bed every 20 minutes to clear the mucous.  Hallelujah!  That’s Terrie rejoicing over her own sleep.  She has been with me literally through every phase of this journey.  Remembering that one night is not a row, if the improvements become the norm and the trend continues, I may soon be able to start setting goals. 

But not so fast.  There seems to be so much going on with my body and its response to the treatments.  It’s hard to stay warm.  Energy comes and goes.  Despite the positive changes, sleep continues to be a challenge.