My Cancer Journey - Week 22

It was the first Friday night date night since mid February.  It was also the first restaurant meal since a week or so before I began treatments.  A beautiful summer night in the Okanagan, on the patio at the golf course with Terrie, not a cloud in the sky, live Jazz, view of the golf course, the lake and the mountains, real food, a Guinness.   What a treat!  Then we came home, sat on the deck looking at our view, watching an almost full moon rise over the mountains, another Guinness.  Made me realize how far I’ve come.  Learning to eat all over again, learning to deal with the changes and the new normal.   Finding the new normal has been a journey itself.  A slow return of energy and stamina.  

Had a satisfying week at work and didn’t nap even one afternoon.  Never felt like it was necessary.  Looking forward to next week at the station as we continue to analyze the product and our marketing to get ready for the fall ratings.  

It’s an exciting time in the lives of Ted and Terrie.  We’ve had a house full in addition to  old friends passing through Kelowna stopping for a visit.  Dr. John Blatherwick and his wife Carol were with us for a couple of days from Vancouver, Terrie’s twin sister Mona and husband Vern arrive today for a week, my sister Frances and her family from the Island arrive the following week for a couple of days.  Spent a couple of hours with Jack Brodsky from Saskatoon  yesterday.  He was here for the BC Hockey Hall of Fame induction dinner.  Another good friend from Saskatoon will be in town in a week or so.  Dave Chartier and his wife Joanne will be picking up their daughter who has been attending a dance school here. 

Have not yet heard from the Cancer Clinic in Vancouver regarding a date for the PET scan.  I do have the next appointment with the oncologist booked for late November and a follow up appointment with the clinic dentists next week.  My neck continues to change as the radiation continues to work.  A couple of days last week the difference in the heat level between my neck and the rest of my body was evident.  I’ve also had some minor swelling and tenderness.  Nothing that gets in the way of doing what I want or have to do.  A good portion of my beard is back.  I’m having to shave daily unlike 5-6 weeks ago when I could go a week.  Still no whiskers on my neck but we knew that would happen.  There are a few though.  If I don’t shave them they grow long and I look rather pathetic.

I said I wouldn’t send an update until after the PET scan but I couldn’t resist.  Last night was so terrific, I had to share and will continue to do so as new benchmarks emerge. 

Til next time.