My Cancer Journey - Week 24

Imagine being thrilled to cut the lawn.  It was only the backyard.  Only had to stop three times to rest.  But I did it and without a leg cramp.  That night I felt like I had just gone through the dreaded first basketball practice of the season.  Was I stiff and sore!  Those were the days when you didn’t get into shape until the pre-season got underway.  Gives you an idea of how much muscle mass and muscle tone I lost when sick.  It’s successes like this that serve to make me remember how sick I actually was mere weeks ago.  As I feel better and stronger, I remember the effort it took to make it from morning to night.  As I finish a piece of steak or a new food makes the Ted Menu, the memory of it taking two plus hours to drink a 12 ounce calorie cocktail comes to the front.

A good friend called this week to check in as he has been doing every 2-3 weeks since the journey began.  He was cleaning out his email and reread the update from Week 12.  He then read last week’s, then Week 12 again, then last week’s.  His words, incredible how far you’ve come.  He can’t believe the difference.  He gladly hit delete on Week 12.

Food adventures continue.  How’s this one.  BBQ’d pork tenderloin, roasted patty pan squash, baby peas in pods with walla walla onions, beets, fresh cut peaches and apricots on ice cream, oh and I snuck some of the fruit to eat with the pork.  Went down easy and so delicious.  This week I’m looking forward to Natalie’s borscht.  She does her Mom’s Russian heritage proud.

Neck changes continue.  Had considerable swelling for a couple of days, especially around the Adam’s Apple and lower jaw.  It’s not often that neck issues are visible to others but this was.  Feels weird, kinda stiff and tender to the touch but doesn’t hurt. 

The screaming hot summer in the Okanagan is filled with the smoke of distant forest fires.  Smoke advisories issued.  At least we haven’t had to smell the smoke every day.  Just screws up the view.  Hope your first week of August has been good to you.