My Cancer Journey - Week 25

PET scan has now been set for Friday August 27th in Vancouver.  Road trip!  Quite the procedure if you’ve never had one, far more involved than a cat scan.  Have to be on an IV drip for an hour before they proceed.  In the machine for a half hour rather than a quick snapshot.  The whole experience takes 2 and a half to 3 hours including questionnaires and forms to fill out.  I am told by my oncologist that they’ll give me the results about a week later.

The timing couldn’t be better because I am stepping up my work intensity heading into September.  I will be concentrating on talent coaching and product analysis as I begin a second year with Vista.  This means no more GM duties, a situation that works better for me and more importantly, works better for the radio station.  The staff and the business need a full time leader not a part time.  I will also be pursuing other clients preferably long term but will consider project work.  The mission is to re-connect with the industry at various levels.  I have to say again how terrific the Vista owners and Executive Committee have been through my illness.  They could easily have walked from the contract but chose instead to support me.

I’ve been working with a couple of young people this past week on their writing and presentation, something I  have had no opportunity to do for months.  It is most satisfying to offer an eager learner advice and then watch as their lights come on. 

Physically this past week, it has felt like spinning tires.  Lots going on but no progress.  I am feeling good.  Energy level is consistent.  Going to try golfing this weekend.  9 holes on a short, flat course.  We’ll see how the leg responds.  Itching to swing the clubs.  The doctor told me if you want to golf then golf.  If you tire yourself out then rest up the next day.  If your leg hurts too much from walking then next time rent a cart.  By the way, the whistling in my ears has not subsided.  At times it can be irritating.  One of the side effects of the chemo I was given.  Good thing I’m not shy about asking people to speak up.  When your hearing is impaired, amazing how many people mumble.  I never noticed before.

Told you about the amazing dinner with the BBQ’d pork loin and roasted vegetables.  Well, had another one Wednesday night.  Terrie’s homemade chicken pot pie.  Tons of vegetables, phyllo pastry, gravy, chicken moist and easily chewed.  Delicious!  For desert, pound cake, layer of whipped cream, nectarine slices, another piece of pound cake, more whipped cream and more nectarine.  A little nectarine on the side, glass of milk to help process the cake.  Great taste.  Ate the whole thing.  Oh and before dinner, a Guinness. 

Until next time.