Message on a Windshield

Found a note stuck under the wiperblade of my car.  It was written on a business card, ripped in half.  "Call me please (phone number).  Thankyou."  So I did.

Took several tries.  No name on the voice mail.  When he finally answered he was nervous.  Sounded older than me.  Said he was backing his pick-up into a parking spot at a mall and hit something.  I had parked beside a light post.  He didn't know if he had brushed the post or my car.  Wanted to make sure he hadn't caused any damage.  I was shocked!

How many times over the years has my car been dinged in a parking lot and not one person has said a word.  I assured him that the car is fine and thanked him for his honesty.  He told me he is just an old man who needs to pay more attention when driving.

There ought to be a medal for people like him.  Bet he'd be a terrific neighbour.