Winnipeg Jets Hockey Pants Return Home to Canada

After an absence of more than a decade, my Winnipeg Jets hockey pants came back to Canada today
Official, team issued, Winnipeg Jets pants from the mid-90`s.

They have been languishing in the USA, unappreciated, hardly worn but kept in a warm place.  There`s no damage from harsh prairie winters.  No rips or tears from extra long seasons.  In fact they`re like new.  Could see game action in minutes if there was a game. 

I have been a Jets fan since the 1991 season when I became Program Director of the Jets radio station in Winnipeg CJOB.  One of my greatest thrills as a fan was to witness the incredible rookie season of Teemu Selanne.  76 goals!  He broke the record held by Hall of Famer Mike Bossy and it survives to this day.  It`s one that may never be broken.  The Finnish Flash is a shoe-in for the Hockey Hall of Fame.

My greatest thrill as a hacker hockey player

At least there is a picture

I skated with the Winnipeg Jets Alumni for five years.  I was the team pilon!  During the NHL players strike in `94, we had several of the big league Jets play exhibition games with us.  I was left wing on a line with one of the toughest Europeans ever, Thomas Steen.  On the right side was one of the original members of the Alberta Oilers of the World Hockey Association, Jim Benzelock.  I scored more goals, assist Thomas Steen, by simply keeping my stick on the ice and going to the net.  Thomas banked them in off my stick, butt and skates.  I began to think I`d missed my calling but then reality struck and I remembered I wasn't that good.

Signed by Bobby Hull and Laurie Boschman
Still, when my wife and I left Winnipeg for Calgary in 1997, a career move, many of my Alumni friends gethered at our home to say goodbye.  They retired my Alumni jersey, even had the name bar added on the back.  I proudly display the jersey in my sports memorabilia collection.

So, if my Winnipeg Jets pants made it home to Canada, the team must be next

I can see it now.  They revive the Jets name and logo on those great red, white and blue sweaters.  Then, they announce that Teemu will play at least one more year in the NHL, returning to where it all began, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  Apparently he still owns a home there.  

Go Jets!