My Cancer Journey - Week 16

Overall my health and well being are improving but I have good days and bad days, in fact, I have good hours and bad hours.  My neck and throat simply are not recovering at the same rate as the rest of me. I am stronger.  My energy level has certainly improved, although I still crash and need to stop and rest.  I am walking much better and am able to be out and about with minimal rest stops to allow pain in the lower leg to subside.  I have to push harder on the exercise thing if I want to achieve my goal of walking nine holes of golf by September.

I can feel the radiation continuing to work in my throat. Conditions change almost daily.  I have varying levels of pain and discomfort when swallowing, nothing that can’t be handled.  More irritating than anything else.  My neck and jaw are still quite tender to the touch, undoubtedly due to the fact that they fried me from the inside out.  I also experience varying levels of mucous now going from one extreme to the other.  The other is dry mouth.  Water consumption is at a four month high. 

I have begun to experiment daily with solid food, finding things I can eat along with those I can’t.  Anything doughy is out.  I was most disappointed to discover that there is no way for me to eat perogies.  Toast is difficult requiring much liquid to be swallowed with it.  Oranges are better than apples but both can be eaten.  It’s one dish at a time and keep trying.  Vegetables seem to be good, also salads.  With cereals it depends.  Fruit Loops are good, Mini-Wheats not so much.  Soup is good.  My favourite taste experience so far is tomato and bocconcini cheese salad with balsamic and olive oil.

My work time has been interesting.  I feel that I am almost up to speed on the issues at the radio station and I have re-familiarized myself with our people.  They’ve been terrific.  Over the past 2.5 weeks I have had one day at 6 hours and one day at 2 hours.  The rest have been 3-4 hours in the office.  In the coming weeks I  will be ramping up my involvement, keeping in mind that physically I am still a long way from normal but mentally I am ready to go.  Patience and balance remain my number one and two concerns while I push myself.