My Cancer Journey - Week 17

Several friends and relatives have asked what happened to last week’s health memo.  It was a busy week for us.  Among the things going on, Terrie and I made our first serious road trip in many months, travelling to Vancouver for the Fathers Day weekend.  Terrie’s twin sister put on a baby shower for Natalie, Rob and our new grandson.  It was a big success.

Nothing much new to report this past week.  June 15th marked two months since my final treatment.  I have now confirmed appointments for a cat scan on July 8th, followed by the three month check-up and assessment on July 16 with the radiation oncologist.  Conditions in my neck and throat continue to change, sometimes daily.  I have had a couple of rough patches where it has been hard to swallow and any solid food stung going down.  One thing is sure, water is the elixir.  I am feeling stronger but the balance between what is happening to me physically and how I feel mentally has to be carefully monitored.  Fatigue is the great equalizer.  The brain says lets go and the body says no you had better stop or be stopped.  Naps aren’t naps, rather it’s hard sleeping for 3 hours or so.  I am concentrating on rest, nutrition, exercise and being as stress free as possible, all this while trying to participate and make a contribution every day.  I have to constantly remind myself of how far I’ve come since April 15.  It’s easy to forget how sick I was and how hard I had to battle to improve.  I’ve only just begun the recovery.  Over-all everything is good.