My Cancer Journey - Week 26

Golf was wonderful!  It was a par 32, longer than a par 3, but not a full size course.  I carded a 39 with 4 pars.  Only flubbed a couple of chip shots and had a few putts you know you`d make if you had do-overs.  I`ll be back for more.  Rode a golf cart and probably won`t attempt to walk 9 holes for another month.  My leg did not bother me at all going back and forth from cart to ball.  No problem swinging the clubs although I sure felt the muscle inactivity the next day.

Prepping mentally for the road trip to Vancouver on Thursday.  PET scan at the Vancouver Cancer Clinic on Friday.  We`ll be back home on Sunday.  

Overall I`m feeling pretty good.  Energy has been better than expected.  One or two naps required, but that`s all.  Intake of solid food is increasing.  This means a corresponding decrease in the number of calorie cocktails required.  Fabulous steak, baked potato and salad last night.  Didn`t know if I`d be able to handle the potato but flavoured with butter, sour cream, chives, bacon bits and a little milk for processing, the taste was exactly what I remember and I ate the whole thing.  Don`t know that I will gain much of the weight loss back.  Can`t say that I`ve noticed an ounce of change.  Mind you the beer consumption is low and there`s no junk food in my diet.  Desserts and sweets are rare.  Can`t eat chips and dip or tacos and salsa.  No peanuts, hickory sticks or popcorn.  No pop, chocolate bars or candy of any kind.  It is truly a new normal.

Conditions continue to change in my neck.  Swelling comes and goes, although it remains constant around my Adam’s apple.  There are times when I have enough saliva in my mouth that I have to swallow.  That`s actually a new thing.  It`s not thick and gooey but I doubt that it`s a return of thin saliva.  The doctor said if I have any repair to those glands it wouldn`t happen for about a year.  Still it is nice to not be drinking quite so much water.  Fewer trips to the can during the night means more consistent sleep.  My neck and jaw remain tender to the touch.  As per doctor`s instructions, I massage my neck several times per day and work my jaw.

My voice is stronger most days.  I was able to do voice some ID`s for one of the Vista stations.  That was satisfying.   My range is still less than what it used to be.  Can`t sing along with Smokey Robinson yet but working on it.  I`m sure the dogs are not impressed.

Immune system is obviously still low.  Experiencing fairly regular cold sores for example.  Thanks to Abreva for helping to heal them quickly.   I continue to avoid crowds and head the other way whenever I hear someone sneeze or cough.  Touch wood, I`ve successfully stayed away from other people`s germs to date.

People who don`t see me often certainly notice the improvements that I feel.  Had a blood test on Thursday, the monthly check of ``rat poison`` level I take as a precaution against another blood clot.  You will recall the chemo related side effects I`ve had.  The lab tech I get more than not said to me ``wow, you look like you`ve crossed all the way back to our side``, meaning the healthy people versus the sickly.  I thanked her.