And When My Mind is Wandering

A successful businessman I know had a ritual.  Several times a week he would pick up a favourite cigar, one he could savour for an hour or more.  Then with an empty notepad and a pencil, he would sit in his preferred chair on his sundeck or in his den, and let his mind go wandering.  No phone calls, no meetings, no interruptions of any kind.  From those smoky sessions came ideas.  Today his business thrives and so does he and his family.  He no longer smokes cigars but I’m sure he has an endless supply of empty notepads, sharpened pencils and preferred chairs.  

And it really doesn’t matter if I’m wrong I’m right

Like a good student, he always does his homework.  He says admitting you don’t know something and seeking advice from those who do, is a sign of strength not a sign of weakness.  His ideas are seeds to be cultivated.  He carefully maintains a trusted group of advisers and has no fear about asking others for their perspectives and opinions.  

All you need is a little inspiration

There are no lightning bolts from the sky.  You have to go looking.  You can’t rely on the people around you to make you do it, because they will soon tire of the chase.  Experience makes you smarter, sparks ideas and adds chapters to your story.  So does art, music, literature, travel and scintillating conversation.  My friend and mentor Roy H. Williams says, “Lives, like money, are spent.  What are you buying with yours?”

Dreams are your currency

The Beatles planted seeds in songs like “Fixin’ A Hole”.  Mostly it was Lennon and McCartney in their lyrics. What stops you from wandering?  Has your life become so monotonous, so stressed that you no longer dream?    I'm taking the time for a number of things.  How about you?