My Cancer Journey - the Complete Story

February 23, 2010, I began treatments for throat cancer

Earlier that month, I sent an email to several close friends to tell them about the diagnosis and the treatment plan.  As the first week passed, I began to publish weekly updates, sending them by email to an ever widening circle of family, friends and associates.  Several of you suggested that I compile the updates into an easily readable form, even a book.

Step one

All of the updates from February, 2010 through to the most recent along with any future updates or blog posts will be found here.  They are in chronological order under the label My Cancer Journey.  Please feel free to share my writing and experiences with anyone you think would benefit from reading.

The next phase of the journey has begun

In addition to the appointments with doctors as my recovery continues, I have made a formal application to the Canadian Cancer Society to become a mentor for other throat cancer patients and their families.  The program is called Cancer Connection.  I will update you on progress as there are several interviews and training sessions to go before the final decision is made about my involvement.  That's a personal question, is the program a fit for me?  It is also a question for the Cancer Society, am I a suitable candidate?

Never Alone