My Cancer Journey - The Next Chapter

Cancer is a scary word  

There is no denying the fear you feel when told it’s you who has it not someone else.  Your mind goes to all the dark places.  Your life is threatened.  You flirt with bitterness.  You have been signed up for a war you hoped you would never have to fight.  But why not you?  About 40% of Canadians will experience cancer in their lifetimes.  Doctors speed you to treatments.  It’s information overload.  Numbness sets in and you give yourself to the medical cycle of appointments, tests, opinions, chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, weight loss, hair loss, pain, fatigue, nausea and more.  Some of us battle and win.  Some of us don’t.

It may sound weird to say this

I had the good fortune of having two friends who had the same cancer as me.  I could talk to Mac and Lyle.  They answered my questions and shared their experiences.  At no time did they offer medical advice but they did provide practical suggestions on how to deal with the treatment stages and there were many.  They both repeated the simple truth that while our cancers may have been similar, our journeys were unique.  We are individuals and our bodies respond in distinctive ways.  No two journeys are the same.


To survive cancer you need a spectacular team of family, friends and medical professionals for support and care.  A positive attitude is not an option.  Cancer changes your priorities, alters your lifestyle and pushes you to your limits.  For those of us declared cancer free, the mission is to stay that way, whatever it takes.

Survivors are warriors

“Your life has changed and now there will be many who look to you as the “warrior” for counsel and advice.  This is a team not of our choosing.  It however just might be the greatest team of our lives.  Never alone!” 
The words of my friend Lyle who is more than five years clear of his cancer treatments.  Mac is more than five years clear too.  What they did for me was priceless.  Now it’s my turn.  

This is a program available through the Canadian Cancer Society.  Contact can be made on line or by phone, 1-888-939-3333.

CancerConnection simply matches you with someone who has had a similar cancer experience, a warrior trained and approved by the Canadian Cancer Society.  I have completed the interviews, studied the manuals and participated in several conference call training sessions.  I have had a criminal record check and signed a volunteer contract.  The first “connection” is next.  

I’ll let you know how it goes.