My Cancer Journey - Two Is Not a Row

The winning  streak began with a PET scan

It was end of August, 2010, four and a half months past the date of my last radiation treatment for throat cancer. Now, it's the regular check-ups with the oncologist.  Three month intervals have grown to four month intervals. The most recent check-up was Monday June 6, 2011. That's three with great results.  Three is a row.

Here is the status update

  • Inflamation around the vocal chords - mostly gone
  • Soreness in the jaw - gone
  • Soreness in the neck muscles - still there. Solution, neck exercises
  • Evidence of tumours - nothing
  • Teeth damaged by age combined with chemo side-effects - being repaired two at a time
  • Stamina - much improved but still more to be had
  • Energy - mostly good
  • Walking and exercise - better by the month
  • Breathing through the nose not the mouth - that's hard. Working on it
  • Eating - acidic foods and tastes now possible more often than not, including spicy and pickled
  • Regeneration of thin saliva - not happening yet.  Still hopeful
  • Impatience with myself and the recovery process - needs constant attention and reminders that it's only been a year

Remember how far you've come

A year ago, I was still sick, trying to work, learning to eat solid food again, napping every afternoon, pushing  as hard as I could. A year later, the new normal has not yet fully emerged, but it's clearer. Combined with having to re-invent my career, being dedicated to change is required.

The long and winding road

Who knew? Life certainly has twists and turns. The expected is in fact the unexpected. Recovery from cancer is hard work. Looking for new opportunities is hard work. I can tell you this, it's all better than the alternative.

“When I hear somebody sigh that life is hard, I am always tempted to ask, ‘Compared to what?’” - Sydney J. Harris (via Roy H. Williams)

Never alone!