From the Personal Side - #17

#17 Scores 5 VS Pfeiffer - 1996
It’s been an emotional week.  #17 paid another visit. Jonathan died tragically in January 2008.  When the phone rang on that Sunday afternoon, our lives changed forever.  Grief is a journey that never ends.  Some days are more difficult than others.   Over time, good memories get stronger and sadness subsides.  It doesn’t mean you don’t cry!  

Good memories pack emotions

Jonathan’s teammate and friend Brent Starling lives in Annapolis Maryland.  They played lacrosse together for the Limestone College Saints, in South Carolina.  Brent was rummaging through some old newspaper clippings he had stashed away in his attic.  The lacrosse memories were from the 1996 and 1997 seasons when #17 led the Saints in goals scored.   

Here they are



#17 is one of my triggers

And that has become a good thing.  Our grief counselor said it's just Jonathan saying hello.  He spent the last 14 tears of his life in the USA.  #17 loved it there and thrived.  He had so many adventures.  Our phone would ring sometimes 3 - 4 times a day.  It wasn't that the conversations were long, except on Sunday's when we would talk for an hour or more.  Often it was just stuff or cooking advice from his mother.  Jonathan loved to cook.  And then there were those magic moments.
  • "Dad, Dad, I'm at Yankee Stadium!" 
  • "Dad, Dad, I'm at the Flyers game and I'm staring at the back of Jaromir Jagr's helmet!"  
  • "Dad, Dad, we won and I scored five!"  
  • "Dad, Dad, I made the Dean's list!"
  • "Dad, Dad, I just got married but don't tell Mom.  I want to call her myself!"
  • "Dad, Dad, Merry Christmas. Anna and I are at Disneyland in Florida!"  
  • "Dad, Dad, we're moving to Baltimore!"
  • "Dad, Dad, we bought a house!"  
  • "Dad, Dad, I'm starting my own company with Rob!"
  • "Dad, Dad, I'm at the Penn State game!"
  • "Dad, Dad, I bought an old Corvette!"
  • "Dad, Dad, _______________________ 
He was always so excited

My wife Terrie always said it is our job as parents to make memories.  I'm sure glad we did and I'm sure glad our kids embraced the mission in their lives too.  Like I said, an emotional week!