My Cancer Journey - Week 8

Rough day and even rougher night. Yes the treatments are done but my body is a long way from normal.

Very sore throat. I'm sure I now have a touch of radiation sickness. The phlegm in my throat is absolutely awful I am taking morphine for the first time in this journey and that hopefully will mean I can swallow relatively pain free. Can't talk. Need a relaxing weekend in which I see at least a glimmer of improvement. It is the toughest it has been. The doctors said that everything would continue to work in the weeks following the last treatment and they are correct. Imagine that!

The fears and the feelings can be overwhelming. You don't know if you can keep anything down. You worry about being able to drink the calorie cocktails that keep you going. It isn't pleasant and quite unlike anything in your experience.  Still I did it. Got to this point despite the challenges and it can only get better from here. It looks now like baby steps are the answer. Don't get ahead of yourself.  Small attainable goals. Work in hours not in days. Beat the bastard!