My Cancer Journey - Week 14

Recovery continues.  It’s not going to happen as fast as I would like.  Terrie has to kick me in what’s left of my butt to remind me about patience.  The good news is that my weight loss has stabilized.  I have dropped roughly 20 pounds since the beginning of treatments.  In the past three weeks, I’m the same about 184.  The new smaller waste jeans fit way better than the old.  Colour has returned to my face.  Stamina and strength remain an issue only time will help me overcome.  

I see the vascular surgeon on Friday afternoon which will give me an idea of what to expect with the blood clot problem in my lower right leg.  It has improved.  I am able to walk several hundred yards without pain and if I manage it right, considering both pace of walking as well as elevation, I can actually go further before having to rest and let the cramping subside.  I am hoping that a rehab program will convince the body to force blood flow through a different route because the alternative is more surgery.  

I don’t see the radiation oncologist until July, fully three months after the final treatment and I have a major blood test coming up in early June.  The radiation continues to show up in my neck area and lately my mouth has been extremely dry.  I am going through water at an even higher rate than the past couple of weeks.

Food is still a challenge.  I have tried other solids but don’t feel ready to dive into a menu as yet.  I am hungry and my brain says bring on the burgers.  But, the mouth and throat aren’t cooperating.  It’s seems to be more of a saliva issue as taste hasn’t been a problem.  Anything I have tried actually tastes good, it’s the processing of the food and the swallowing that is the challenge.  Terrie talked at length with the nutritionist at the cancer clinic this week and her advice is to just do it.  So we will.

I have been going to the station for 3-4 hours a day since Tuesday.  So far, so good.  Great to see everyone and am now looking for those things I can impact while maintaining the tender balance between wanting to get back to normal and the reality of what will be a slow and plodding recuperation.  The company has been great, taking care to advise me about taking it slow and maintaining a balance.  I now have a couple of projects in addition to whatever comes up along the way.  It feels good to have the brain engaged but it tires me out.  Afternoon nap time has become imperative.