I Checked in the Mirror and It's Me

I'm pissed! My anti-everything vibe is growing stronger. I’m sure that some of you will point to my advancing age, after all, I am a senior citizen. You know the stereotype. Wear those really high wasted pants made of polyester. Spend winters in the warmth of the south complaining about the government and what’s with those damn young people anyway?

Since I am, let’s call it “fashion forward”, not a snowbird and rarely complain, that stereotype can’t be me. I prefer adjectives such as experienced, intelligent, savvy and caring. I also like to think of myself as cute in a bald, grey and wrinkly sort of way. However, my tolerance level is not what it was twenty years ago or even five years ago and I’m not sure I like the feeling.

I have a list

Why is it okay under Canadian law to lose your passport, be declared a high risk traveler, but not have your life dissected to ensure you don't have the inclination to kill innocent people, hold a nation hostage or possess the weapons to do it?

Why is there no travel ban in effect between Canada and those countries known to be sources of Ebola? I swear our politically correct politicians think Ebola is a 3rd world country and as good Canadians we should offer refugee status to Ebolans.
The same can be said for that infamous 3rd world nation known as Jihad. Why don’t we open our borders to more Jihadists so that they can live better lives?

I’m all for immigration, world travel and personal rights, but let’s do a better job of saying no when it’s the right thing to do for the nation.

Becoming Mr. Cranky Pants

And I don’t like it much. Why do I no longer believe any spokesperson for any ethnic group or religious sect? Instead, I have become painfully suspicious. I think they lie to non-believers and anyone outside their communities because they have zero obligation or loyalty to Canada and flaunt the laws and traditions of our country. They are out for themselves and anything they can rip off from the society that allowed them the freedom to live here, thrive and be the way they are.

I suppose our First Nations could say the same thing about the settlers, but that’s the apologist in me battling with my intolerant self.

We are not Catholics but our grandson goes to a Catholic school where Merry Christmas is still Merry Christmas, not Happy Holidays.

Are you sick of hearing about gangbangers maiming and killing each other in the streets of our cities? I’m sure they were always good to their mothers. Strange how their mothers never questioned how they could be driving an $80,000 SUV, but not have a job.

Who do we blame for screwing up Medicare so badly? Where are the politicians with the jam to fix it?

While we’re at it, who will fix the punishing income tax system and reel in the public sector unions before the province and the country go broke? Fair wages for a job well done is never a bad idea, but holding the economy hostage is just wrong. I’m guessing the NDP and other left-leaning politicos aren't the answer.

A friend who is a retired International Teamsters Union executive says that when public sector wages and benefits outstrip those of private sector unions, we’re headed for labour crisis. Think about it.

What's with gas prices? I'm all for companies and shareholders making profits, but it's approaching criminal what the oil companies are doing to average Canadians.

Is there a political party anywhere with the jam to yell stop it 

$10 for a small container of blueberries that were grown right here in British Columbia? If it wasn't so sad, it'd be funny.

I'd gladly pay an extra $10, $20, $50, even $100 a year on my property taxes, if I knew that every cent went to the hiring of more police officers. I am definitely cranky about speeders, distracted drivers and criminals threatening public safety. However, the cynical me knows the money would get sucked into some government slush fund to pay for past lousy management of some misguided chunk of bureaucracy on top of more bureaucracy.

There’s Mr. Cranky Pants complaining about the government again.

And what’s the deal with green hair and all those tattoos?

Oh, I’d text my wife Terrie to tell her that I love her and ask her out for date night, but her cellphone battery died about 7 months ago and she doesn't care. She’s also sitting right across from me so behaving like a smart phone junkie wouldn't be good.